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GLT Products' Mass Load Vinyl sold under our Vinaflex™ Brand is a flexible vinyl that resists the passage of sound waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noise.

GLT Products offers a complete line of Vinaflex™ Noise Barriers to meet the physical and performance requirements of virtually any acoustical application. The primary component of the Vinaflex line is a flexible, mass loaded vinyl barrier that is specifically engineered for efficient sound isolation.

Vinaflex™ Noise Barrier products are just one of thousands of products GLT Products stocks for the Thermal, Mechanical and Accoustical industry. Consider GLT Products your ONE SOURCE for all your industrial insulation needs.

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GLT Products manufactures a complete line of Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) under the Vinaflex® Brand to meet the physical and performance requirements of virtually any acoustical application. Where the reduction of noise is required in industrial and commercial applications Vinaflex® is the answer.

When the base Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV) is combined with mineral fiber, acoustical foam, glass fiber, or ceramic fiber, Vinaflex™ noise barrier materials form economical high performance composites with acoustic blocking or sound absorption qualities. These composite products provide high sound transmission loss over a broad frequency range. Please explore the range of products featured here.

Vinaflex VN is a non-reinforced mass loaded vinyl noise barrier that is ideal for direct application to piping, ductwork, and equipment, as well as the housing covering the noise source.
Vinaflex RR is a flexible, mass loaded vinyl with a high strength polyester fabric, which improved the material's durability and strength. Vinaflex RR is typically used as a free hanging acoustical curtain panel or partition for in-plant noise control.
Vinaflex VP consists of a flexible, mass loaded vinyl barrier laminated to a quilted fiberglass decoupler on one or both sides. This series features the highest STC (Standard Transmission Class) rating and, per ASTM-E84, meets a Class A fire rating.
Vinaflex FF consists of a flexible, mass loaded vinyl barrier faced with a scrim reinforced aluminum foil. This series is an economical, effective treatment for noisy pipes, ducts and valves. The foil facing readily accepts matching lag tape.
Vinaflex FB consists of a flexible, mass loaded vinyl barrier combined with open-cell urethane foam. The textured surfance of the foam combines high acoustical absorption with economical cost. The foam\'s high performance and durability properties make it ideal for a multitude of OEM applications.
Vinaflex AF and SF metal noise barriers consist of a mass loaded vinyl which is machine laminated to a continuous roll of aluminum or stainless steel jacketing. Type AF and SF are used in combination with mineral fiber, glass fiber, or ceramic fiber as a path control form of acoustic treatment.
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