Vinaflex™ (VN) Noise Barrier is a flexible, non-reinforced Mass Loaded Vinyl that resists the passage of sound waves and reduces the transmission of airborne noise. Vinaflex™ (VN) is ideal for direct application to the noise source and to the housing covering the noise source.

Vinaflex™ (VN) Noise Barrier won’t shrink, rot, or cause metal corrosion and also features a strong resistance to adverse environmental conditions, oils, weak acids, and alkalis.

Vinaflex™ (VN) can be combined with acoustical foams, mineral fiber, glass fiber, and ceramic fiber insulation to provide lightweight, efficient composites with high transmission losses over a broad frequency range. It is often used in walls under the drywall in home offices and industrial building to assist in suppressing noises.


Vinaflex™ (VN) Noise Barrier is offered in the following sizes:

SKUDensityRoll Size
VN-50(1/2 lb./sq. ft.)48" x 50'
VN-100(1 lb./sq. ft.)48" x 25'
VN-100(1 lb./sq. ft.)48" x 50'
VN-100(1 lb./sq. ft.)54" x 30'
VN-100(1 lb./sq. ft.)54" x 60'
VN-150(1-1/2 lb./sq. ft.)48" x 25'
VN-200(2 lb./sq. ft.)48" x 25'

In addition, the reduction of airborne noise and the high density properties exhibited by Vinaflex™ (VN) are attained without the use of hazardous lead or heavy metals. Basic installation instructions are available upon request.

* Custom roll lengths available upon request

Acoustical Properties*

Vinaflex™ (VN) Noise Barrier provides the following noise reduction.


* per ASTM E-90-97 E413-87

Typical Physical Properties for VN-100 *

Weight1 lb./sq. ft.
Tensile Strength2,750 KPa (300 psi)
Tear Strength75 psi
Ultimate Elongation110%
Flammabilityself extinguishing
Service Temperature Range0ºF to 200ºF