GLT Products Vinaflex with Absorber/Decoupler (VP) Noise Barrier is a flexible, mass loaded vinyl laminated to a quilted fiberglass decoupler on one or both sides. The combination forms a thin, lightweight acoustical product that displays excellent mechanical properties while providing superior sound transmission loss. Sound waves originating from the source will be initially absorbed by the fiberglass and then blocked by the mass loaded vinyl. Any reflected sound wave component will be further dissipated into the fiberglass absorber.

VP1 = 1” quilted fiberglass
VP2 = 2” quilted fiberglass

Vinaflex (VP) is also available with an added outer finish of scrim-reinforced foil on one side. Our Vinaflex with Absorber/Decoupler (VP) product is excellent for use in wrapping ductwork, piping, garbage chutes, and other noise sources. It also has a fire rating.

– HVAC Ductwork
– Mechanical Piping

Vinaflex™ (VP) Noise Barrier is offered in the following sizes:

SKUDecoupler ThicknessDensityRoll Size
VP1-1001"(1 lb./sq. ft.)54" x 30'
VP1-200*1"(2 lb./sq. ft.)54" x 15'
VP2-1002"(1 lb./sq. ft.)54" x 30'
VP2-200*2"(2 lb./sq. ft.)54" x 15'

*Minimum quantity required