GLT Products Vinaflex™ with Foam (FB) Noise Barrier is a flexible, non reinforced mass loaded vinyl combined with a 1/4”, 1/2” or 1” open-cell urethane and other foams. The open-cell design of the foam readily accepts and dissipates sound waves, ensuring maximum acoustical absorption. This foam facing also acts as a decoupler, breaking and separating vibrations between the two materials.

Vinaflex™ (FB) Noise Barrier provides the following when applied directly to solid objects:

  1. Sound vibration isolation in the barrier (sound/vibration decoupler).
  2. Easier gluing/adhesion.

Vinaflex™ with Foam (FB) Noise Barrier is offered in the following sizes:

SKUDensityRoll Size
FB-50(1/2 lb./sq. ft.)54" x 25'
FB-100(1 lb./sq. ft.)54" x25'